Just waiting

I am currently 6 days after my iui. 3 days ago I started my progesterone suppositories twice a day. Last cycle I had all kinds of symptoms that at the time convinced me I was pregnant – night sweats, extreme hunger, lightheadedness, vivid dreams, lower back pain, stuffy nose – so many symptoms! But it turned out to be nothing, most likely just lovely side effects from progesterone.

So this cycle I decided not to read into any symptoms I may have because googling whether a symptom is a sign of pregnancy is not only time consuming but sort of opens up a black vortex of Internet message boards that mess with my head. Interestingly enough, though, this cycle I don’t have any symptoms. I mean nothing. Not even night sweats… What the heck does that mean?? Does it mean that the progesterone is not working? My body is not responding to it? That I am not pregnant? That the whole process stopped way too early? Or does this mean I could be pregnant? I mean if you google 6dpo no symptoms, you will see that some people commented having had no symptoms at that point and still ended up pregnant. So I guess the point is, it is hard not to read into symptoms and it is also hard to not read into no symptoms.

The 2ww sucks. It is something that is always in the back of my mind. I try my best to distract myself from agonizing over it and I meditate/do visualizations daily to help my mind find some form of peace and balance. Yet I can’t help but come back to the same questions over and over again. Maybe I have 2ww OCD?

8! more days to go. Ugh. In the meantime I will entertain myself with this:


meme waiting

meme waiting 3


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