The week from hell

This has been the week from hell. Just the perfect storm of crap. All these things I could handle well if they happened separately but together they have gotten to me. I am struggling big time.

Monday morning I went to the clinic for my day 10 scan and blood work. My doctor told me I had a follicle at 20mm ready to go. I freaked out. My husband had just left for a 4-day trip to San Francisco. I asked my doctor how this could have happened. Never in my life (since I have been tracking ovulation anyway) have I ovulated before day 14. Ever. And now on day 10 I am ready to go??? WTF??? She said based on my bloodwork there was a small chance that I could get triggered on Wednesday and do the IUI Friday morning when hubby is back. But as soon as she left the room I started crying. I just knew there was no way for me to last 4 more days with a 20mm follicle. I just couldn’t believe that we have to miss a month. I was so angry and so upset. Clearly nobody is to blame here but I was just angry at the situation and the fact that my luck never seems to swing in a positive direction lately.

Wednesday I went back for bloodwork and was informed that I just barely started surging so they weren’t sure if I would ovulate that day or the following day. So once again I had to go there this morning and am now waiting for the results. If I am still surging and my progesterone is very low, we go ahead with the IUI. Otherwise it is game over for this month. I don’t even know. I am just numb.

This week has been chaotic and terrifying at work as well. I work with high-risk adolescents in the mental health field. This week two of them attempted suicide and ended up in the hospital. It is always overwhelming and chaotic to coordinate care in these cases but it is incredibly difficult emotionally as well. So I have been going through the motions but I feel depleted and down.

To make everything worse, I have been having a terrible toothache as well. It is a weird thing because it is a bit different than a toothache from a cavity or one that needs a root canal but it is extremely painful and Tylenol doesn’t always help. I have seen my dentist twice but there is nothing obviously wrong. Still it could be a tooth or it could be sinuses or God knows what. But it hurts. It hurts so much. I barely slept last night even though I was on painkillers and antihistamines.

And lastly we have had these terrible hot and humid days since Monday. Today’s temperature is going up to the mid-90’s and could break the record. I absolutely despise this weather – the humidity actually. I feel like I can’t breathe, get sweaty, and just overall feel blah.

So there it is. My week from hell. And it’s only Thursday!!Ahhhh.


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