About and TTC timeline

My name is P. I am 35. I am happily married to a wonderful guy and we have two furbabies – Sophie the Persian cat and Zuma the Shih-Tzu. We have been TTC for about 2 years. This blog documents our infertility struggles and our journey to hopefully becoming parents one day.

TTC timeline

5/2010 – got married, not ready to think about kids yet

6/2015 – official start of TTC

2/2016 – OBGYN appointment, blood tests (everything normal except for undetectable AMH – my doctor wasn’t concerned about this?!), HSG test (normal), sperm analysis (Hubby’s guys are apparently superstars)

4/2016 – first round of Clomid 50mgs, no monitoring, OPK testing, timed intercourse – BFN

5/2016 – second round of Clomid 100mgs, OPK testing, timed intercourse, confimed ovulation, progesterone 15 – BFN

6/2016-12/2016 – trying naturally again

1/2017 – consultation with fertility clinic, blood test confirms undetectable AMH, doctor recommends 3 rounds of IUI using Clomid with HCG trigger and progesterone suppositories to start

3/2017 РClomid 100mgs, 1 good size follicle, HCG shot, IUI,  Endometrin РBFN

4/2017 – Clomid 100mgs, 3 good size follicles, ran out of time for HCG shot, IUI, Endometrin – currently in the 2ww